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Fuel Today - 2024/06/14 (Puerto Rico)

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Gabriel Smadi


Crude oil in the US (WTI) trades today at $78 per barrel, slightly higher compared to yesterday.

As seen by wholesale fuel prices collected by DACO on June 14th, wholesale diesel prices mark around $3.14 per gallon on average. We see a reported low of $3.01 per gallon (Bita's Fuel Corp.) and a high of $3.24 per gallon (Texaco).

Wholesale gasoline prices on average marked around $3.18 per gallon, with a low of $3.10 per gallon (76 / Phillips) and a high of $3.28 per gallon (Texaco, Total).

ProductAverage ($/gallon)Low ($/gallon)High ($/gallon)
Wholesale Diesel3.143.013.24
Wholesale Gasoline (Regular)

Wholesale Diesel (Puerto Rico)

Wholesale Diesel Prices

Wholesale Diesel Trend

Wholesale Diesel v NY USDL Futures

Wholesale Gasoline (Puerto Rico)

Wholesale Gasoline Prices

Wholesale Gasoline Trend

Wholesale Gasoline v RB Gasoline Futures

Crude Oil Benchmarks

Oil Benchmarks