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Fuel Today - 2024/02/09 (Puerto Rico)

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Gabriel Smadi


West Texas Intermediate (WTI) last traded on NYMEX via CL futures contracts at approximately $76.60 per barrel, up $4.32 per barrel when compared last week representing a percentage increase of 5.64%.

Puerto Rico wholesale diesel prices as reported by DACO show a low of $3.41 per gallon (by American Petroleum) and a high of $3.70 per gallon (Texaco). Diesel prices are trending upward with a difference of $0.13 from last week due to increasing crude oil prices.

Gasoline wholesale prices marked a low of $3.04 (76 and Phillips) and a high from of $3.21 (Texaco and Total Petroleum). Gasoline has also been showing an uptrends trend similar to diesel prices.

We expect local prices to to inch upward latest behavior of of crude oil future prices.

Wholesale Diesel (Puerto Rico)

Wholesale Diesel Prices

Wholesale Diesel Trend

Wholesale Diesel v NY USDL Futures

Wholesale Gasoline (Puerto Rico)

Wholesale Gasoline Prices

Wholesale Gasoline Trend

Wholesale Gasoline v RB Gasoline Futures

Crude Oil Benchmarks

Oil Benchmarks