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Fuel Today - 2024/02/03 (Puerto Rico)

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Gabriel Smadi


Puerto Rico wholesale diesel prices fluctuated between a reported low of $3.22 per gallon (by BVI Gas Inc dba Cabo Rojo Gas & Oil) and a high of $3.55 per gallon (Texaco) representing a $0.33 difference.

Gasoline wholesale prices reported a low of $2.91 (76, BVI Gas Inc and Phillips) and a high from American Petroleum of $3.13. Gasoline price has mostly hovered around the $3 per gallon over the past 90 days.

According to crude oil futures contract due in March, a barrel of oil (WTI) in the United Stated last traded at $72.28 on 2024/02/02, dropping $5.54 from a high of $77.82 for the week. OPEC last reported $78.61 for a barrel of oil (ORB).

Wholesale Diesel (Puerto Rico)

Wholesale Diesel Prices

Wholesale Gasoline Trend

Wholesale Gasoline (Puerto Rico)

Wholesale Gasoline Prices

Wholesale Gasoline Trend