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TaurosoFuel is our commercial product line established to help businesses and government entities gain an edge in the fuel procurement lifecycle. We give our customers material improvements in their fuel operations by bringing high quality datasets, quantitative methods and a keen understanding of market structure.


Market pricing and trend reporting

We monitor popular internationl crude oil benchmarks such as WTI, Brent and OPEC Reference Basket prices to establish relative trends and pricing dynamics across markets. We then use these data points to correlate to local markets in order to improve the fuel purchasing process and decision making. We leverage novel machine learning methods and data science techniques to achieve insights in local fuel pricing.

FuelIntel reports give our internal team and customers confidence when its time to purchase fuel ensuring we are getting the right price and saving on costs.

Currently, we only support Puerto Rico, but other jurisdictions will be added in the near future. If you have suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out at

View sample reportings we periodically post in our report page ->.


Fuel operations analytics

Our FuelAnalytics service is all about gaining deep understanding of existing or future fuel operation needs. Through the use of quantitative methods and modelling we help establish key metrics and baselines for your fuel operations. Some examples of what our FuelAnalytics service offers includes:

  • Historical fuel invoice analysis
  • Supply and demand modelling of your operations
  • Historical and hypothetical backtesting simulations
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis (onsite fuel tanks vs. mobile deliveries, etc.)
  • Metric setting and benchmarking


Fuel operations management

We manage your fuel operations with the right set of quantitive tools to keep your bottom line under control and your fuel requirements lean.

  • Optimal Price Execution: We establish relationships with multiple suppliers ensuring we are always optimizing for the most competitive fuel prices with delivery at the most optimal time when its needed most
  • Automated and Predictive Refuelling: We monitor consumption trends and tank levels in order to automate fuel dispatching and delivery so we ensure you always have the required fuel for your operations.
  • Custom Contract Engineering: We design and execute custom contracts for the supply of your fuel based on needs and objectives.

For more information or a quote contact us at