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About Tauroso

Tauroso is a financial engineering and investment research firm based in Puerto Rico. We build products and services to monitor markets, develop propriatery algorithms and make our own bets where we discover opportunities. We leverage quantitative methods and models to aid in the investment and decision-making process.

Tauroso is structured as two separate business units, one side focused on commercial product development and the other on our own prioriatary trading operations.

Our current focus spans across energy commodities, equities and crypto assets.

About TaurosoFuel

Our first commercial product line, TaurosoFuel, is dedicated to offering fuel management solutions to businesses and government entities whose operations are particularly sensitive and dependant on petroleum derived fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. TaurosoFuel is like an in-house fuel procurement manager with the right quantitative toolset to have a tangible impact on the bottom line.

To learn more, visit our TaurosoFuel product page.

Contact Us

For more information about us and our offerings please contact us at